A terrace with
dazzling views

When we were assigned this project, we knew it could become one of our boldest and most distinctive assignments.
With an extremely privileged location, a building in the heart of Montparnasse, with views of the Eiffel and the Montparnasse Towers,
the project of “La Maison Plissée” designed by Wild Rabbit has three different gardens allocated in a 7-storey house.

The gardens incorporate a selection of elements and pieces to compliment the clients love for contemporary art,
these including tailor-made CorTen teel bespoke furniture, a waterwise planting scheme as well as an audacious monkey printed outdoor wallpaper.


The ground floor garden was only afforded natural light during the hours of 11am and 2pm, which led to a choice of plants that thrived in the shade like
Hostas, Ferns, Camellias, Fatsia japonica, Liriope muscari ‘Big Blue’. One large, yet delicate climbing rose tree was also planted to catch the mid-day light.
Circular shapes were adopted to soften the verticality of the building.


Contrast between white concrete straight lines and CorTen steel curves.


Nature conquering the floor.

Large CorTen steel planters were used on each balcony with an area of Japanase grass (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus’): one of the most spectacular grasses,
with abundant, white & purple flower plumes in late summer.


CorTen steel was also used for other structures, this material offering a beautiful weathered, rusty-orange colour which complimented the planting scheme.


The rooftop garden was the most spacious area, which allowed us more freedom. We used multiple planters creating a geometry of vertical and horizontal shapes,
this paid homage to both the Eiffel Tower and the Montparnasse Tower that could be seen from that angle.


Across one third of the floor we placed plantable tiles, mixing volcanic grit and top soil before planting drought-resistant perennials and grasses.
This created a unique floor where plants were in the middle of the space. The plants chosen are mainly Mediterranean :
Lavandula dentata ‘Imi n’Ifri’, flowering all-year round, Sideritis cypria, Helichrysum orientale, Stachys cretica, Teucrium marum
These plants can survive with very little water so there was no need to install an irrigation system on this floor.
This plant selection is also hardy as long as their roots are well-drained through the winter.
Waterwise gardening is ont its way at the Atelier Gabriel.


The poplar wood in the cleats was specially crafted and the table was designed to become a bed for stargazing!
The Italian outdoor wallpaper with the bold design of the monkey head was used to cover an existing dull brick wall.