A Luxurious
Parisian garden

The beautiful Hôtel Particulier embodies Parisian life and aesthetics in the best possible way.
With a refreshing palette of greens and whites, the mansion leads out to a hidden garden, designed as an intimate refuge.

Scénographie nocturne

Chaque détail sert le dess(e)in de nature. Lignes courbes, objets chinés, scénographie nocture : tout concourt à faire de ce jardin d’ombre un écrin raffiné.
The curved lines of the drawing is highlighted by some refined details. Objects, lighting, furniture.

Patio de nuit Hôtel particulier Atelier Gabriel

There’s a low-maintenance philosophy and high sustainability throughout this particular project.
To ensure its tranquility from noisy mowers, no lawn was implemented.

Scénographie nocturne

A pergola was built behind these birch trees, as an invitation to a “promenade”.

Hôtel particulier Paris 9
Hôtel particulier Paris 9

Seen from the house, the Green Chamber becomes the new focal point of the garden, which is a haven of evergreen shrubs,
mixed with Hydrangeas, Irises, Osmanthus, Ferns, and Perennials.