A taste of Provence
in a Parisian suburb

Nestled in a quaint suburb of Paris, this garden characterises the Provence landscape that captivated Cezanne and Picasso: A land in the South of France,
where the strong sun bakes the earth, and the land is a beautiful patchwork of dark green dancing grasses and silvery-grey foliage.


The owners wanted their terrace to remind them of their house in Provence as well as to extend the views of the apartment towards Parc de Sceaux,
whilst masking the view from the neighbouring houses. With all this in mind, we designed a garden perfumed by aromatic lavender and rose
bringing the maquis, the typical Mediterranean shrub land, to Paris.


On the main side, facing the apartment: the ‘Mediterranean terrace’, is in contrast to the classicism of the nearby Parc de Sceaux. On the two other sides, dense hedges with evergreen shrubs coexist between the dark foliage of the cypresses and the light grey ancient olive trees.


An homage to André Le Nôtre, the gardener of Louis XIV: repetitive, rhythmic patterns of clipped yew balls (hand-selected in West France) and Pittosporum balls.



The garden is extraordinarily sculptural: Aesthetic cypresses, flowering lavenders, fig trees, scented roses, an abundance of daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare),
spires of salicaris (Lythrum salicaria), rustic grasses (Poa labillardieri); all selected to represent the Mediterranean character, as well as being hardy and drought-resistant.