“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” 

John Muir


Gabriel documents his adventures with plants in his Instagram feed, @ThePlanthunter.
His travels began long ago, when as a child, he moved with his parents to New Caledonia.
Finding himself surrounded by the cloud-topped peaks, green valleys, blue lagoons and extraordinary plants and flowers he had never seen before,
was an experience that has shaped him and his ideas to this day.


the tropical forest

For Gabriel, there is no better way to study plants than to see them in their natural habitat: miniature representations of nature choreographed to perfection in Japan,
Mediterranean maquis in Greece and Italy, tropical Amazon forests in Peru, high-altitude mountain flowers of Yakushima and subtropical vegetation in New Caledonia…
Armed with a camera instead of secateurs, Gabriel identifies plants in his explorations, to further study them when he gets back home.
As part of his Research project, he cultivates them in his lab in different conditions to then include his green treasures in his landscaping,
enriching his projects and creating truly mesmerising urban environments.


"Remember this, my friends: there are no such things as bad plants or bad men.
There are only bad cultivators.” 

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

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